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School Benefits FAQ

For our children. For our community. For the future.

A new high school will offer these benefits

  • Earthquake safety: the existing building could collapse in a strong earthquake
  • Personal safety: a single monitored main entrance
  • Larger classrooms suitable for active learning: more projects and activities, discussion groups. Independent work
  • Additional classrooms to provide for teaching more trades: manufacturing, technology, construction, welding, culinary and automotive careers.
  • A kitchen and a cafeteria
  • An auditorium large enough for all-school assemblies, cross-curricular speeches & presentations, and a home for drama, band, and choir instruction and performances
  • Athletic facilities will be repaired and improved for Title IX compliance
  • Parking lots and driveways will offer improved access and efficiency
  • Natural lighting in all classrooms: student learning is 20%+ higher with natural light
  • Ventilation: all parts of the building will have fresh, clean air
  • Temperature control: classroom and office temperatures will be comfortable in all seasons
  • Electrical systems will be adequate to handle the electronic needs of modern education
  • Mechanical systems will be more reliable, less expensive to operate and maintain
  • Energy efficiency: annual savings of $50,000+ for utilities
  • Partnerships with LCC for evening adult and career classes
  • Community benefits: a location for community events, an attractive place for conferences, a shelter in case of a community emergency

Middle School improvements will offer these benefits

  • Water intrusion will be repaired; window sills and trim will be replaced
  • Damaged windows will be replaced

Physical education: buried debris removed and a small grass field planted

Elementary School construction and improvements will offer these benefits

  • Earthquake safety: existing buildings could collapse in a strong earthquake; all buildings will be upgraded to meet current earthquake standards
  • Building Continuity: separate buildings will be joined together; replacing the old south end with a new classroom wing that meets the office and north classroom wing
  • New classrooms will be added; all students will be under one roof, in one school
  • Lighting: all classrooms will have sources of natural light
  • Fresh air: air circulation will be improved; no interior, ‘boxed classrooms’
  • Security: a monitored central entry point at the main office at the improve security
  • Energy efficiency: Improved lighting and HVAC systems will offer energy savings
  • Drop off and pick up areas will be reconfigured for safety, security, and efficiency
  • Interior spaces will be upgraded with paint, new windows, floor coverings, and new ceiling tiles as interior walls are opened for seismic enhancement in the north end of the building
Rally to support Siuslaw School
Siuslaw High School
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
School Bond 20-291 Forum
Florence Public Library
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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