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Misunderstanding #1: Property taxes will rise by $2.72 per $1,000 of assessed value
• Property taxes will also go down by $.90 at about the same time as the old middle school bond expires.
• The result is a net increase of only $1.92 per $1,000

Misunderstanding #2: There’s nothing wrong with the school buildings
• Pipes and valves are rusty and corroded
• Heating equipment is outdated, energy-inefficient, and costly to fix
• When the heating system is working, upstairs offices and classrooms are too hot; when the system breaks down, downstairs classrooms are too cold
• Some classrooms are too small for modern teaching methods (activities, projects, group work)
• The high school and elementary school buildings are not earthquake-safe or intruder-safe
• The high school has no auditorium, kitchen, or cafeteria

Misunderstanding #3: Education is working well in the existing facilities.
The existing buildings don’t have:
• Electrical systems necessary for modern equipment
• Windows in some classrooms for natural light and fresh air
• Sufficient size for projects and activities
• Classrooms for teaching more trade skills
• An auditorium, kitchen, or cafeteria

Misunderstanding #4: Why not just remodel rather than replace?
• It would cost several million dollars more to renovate the high school building than to replace it.
• Students would spend several years in temporary classrooms during a remodel

Misunderstanding #5: Bond funds will be used only for the high school
• The high school building will be replaced, and…
• The elementary school building will get more classrooms and seismic upgrades, and…
• The middle school will get repairs for water intrusion, and…
• The playing fields will be improved, and…
• Traffic flow around the schools will be improved

Misunderstanding #6: There should be more 2 or more smaller bond measures over a longer time period.
• Maintenance costs will continue to rise as facilities age
• Construction costs are rising at about 5% each year. A delay of 5 years on half the work would cost an extra $15 million; a similar delay of 10 years would cost an extra $33 million.

Misunderstanding #7: Local residents without children in the schools won’t benefit.
• Better schools will bring us more professionals and more businesses
• New facilities will help us to attract more health care professionals
• With a growing community, property values will rise
• A new high school will have space for conferences and conventions, bringing customers to local businesses
• A new high school will provide a community emergency shelter

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