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The information is sourced from Springfield School public documents, Lane County Elections office, the Register Guard, and the Turner Construction Index Quarterly publication…all I did was the math for inflation and add on the square footage difference to put it together.

What I found that was truly interesting, as a bit of a side note, was that Springfield’s Facilities team also determined that new construction was more cost effective than remodeling also; in their case by $9 million dollars.


  • Hamlin bond went to ballot in November 2014 and construction began in July 2017

It was part of a $71.5 million, 25 year bond package that overlapped the previous bond package for 3 years; Hamlin’s official cost was to be $43.5 million

  • the remodel cost of Hamlin at the time was estimated to $54.5 million
  • the 2013 bond that failed was at $62.5 million for the same scope of work (up $9m in one year)

The annual inflation of construction cost since the posting of bond documents has been:

2014 – 4.4%, 2015 – 4.5%, 2016 – 4.7%, 2017 – 5.0%, 2018 Q1 – 1.68%, 2018 Q2 – 1.23%

Cumulative inflation of 21.5%

To build Hamlin today the cost would be roughly $53.69 million dollars and projecting that two more years to completion would be another 8% to $57.9 million by Q2 2020

Hamlin is a Middle School and without the following features

  • Auto Service Shop
  • Construction & Manufacturing Lab
  • Culinary Arts Lab
  • Computer Tech & Business Classroom
  • Alternative School Classroom On-Campus
  • Varsity Gymnasium
  • Auditorium
    • The 27,000 square footage additions alone, without equipment of these high cost areas, would be roughly $13.9 million
    • Outfitting the auditorium, including construction, is estimated at roughly $5 million
  • PE & Sports Facilities on Grounds – Landscaping, Softball Title IX compliance, re-orienting PE fields, and parking lots – is estimated at roughly $6 million
  • It is hard to put an exact figure to the additional cost of the 3 HS science labs & the double space of the main varsity gym, so those are not including in this rough estimate
  • In short, building a HS is more expensive than building a MS

    Hamlin – Inflation corrected cost at time of completion – $57.9 million

    Square Footage corrections between plans – $13.9 million

    Auditorium as a single unit space – $5.0 million

    PE, Sports & Grounds site works – $6.0 million

    To convert Hamlin MS to a HS would have taken the price tag to roughly $82.9 million dollars and that is a conservative estimate, without the equipment for the science labs, auditorium, and CTE spaces

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